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or Attendance Needs

Long-Term Suspension
or Behavioral Needs


East Shore Connect 7-12 provides services for students wishing to temporarily take part of their educational plan online in place of classes at a traditional or alternative school.  Connect students are exchanging in person classes with online classes.  For 7-8th students, instruction focuses on math, language arts, science, and social studies (all four core subjects can be provided).  7-8th grade students wishing a full online curriculum in a more permanent setting should consider Alpine Online.  9-12th grade students are exchanging in person classes with online classes and are distinguished from other ESO students that are taking online courses in addition to a full schedule, to work ahead, or remediate failed classes.  ESO Connect students should keep at least two classes at their home school.


The Center for Student Success serves students 7-12th who have behaviors or actions that require a temporary removal from the traditional school setting or have been placed on long-term suspension through a district hearing.  Limited spots are available for students from schools who need short term placement while behavioral adjustments and systems are being put in place to help students to be successful in a school setting.  Academic progress is mostly online through synchronous and asynchronous online work, with a weekly in person component available on Wednesdays.

759 E Pacific Drive
American Fork, UT 84003